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About the Lifestyle in Town

Bethel is a small New England town located in the Northern Fairfield County, Connecticut. The town offers the advantage of being only 60 miles from New York City, with its busy and energetic lifestyle, as well as very close to the countryside, within minutes from the rural parts of Connecticut.

Founded around 1700, Bethel was a parish of Danbury for over 96 years and it was mainly a self-sufficient farming community. The first Bethel houses were built in the 1730s or 1740s, and can be found at 27 Grassy Plain Street and 63 Grassy Plain Street. Since then, the town has bloomed and even though it is rather small, Bethel is one of the places you can fall in love with quickly. The town also has a historic district- the Greenwood Avenue Historic District. This is the commercial center of the town and it features a variety of architectural styles- from Greek revival to Victorian styles, and the early 20th century influences, the buildings in Bethel center represent a part of small town American architecture history. The area includes various shops, restaurants, a public library, a church and a former opera house.

Whether you want to go for a stroll or a hike, shop for fresh fruit and vegetables at the Farmers Market, or even enjoy the wonderful sights over the beautiful woods and fields, you can do it without giving it much thought. Bethel is a unique small town with a friendly community and incredible parks and open spaces. In addition, the town has a very low crime rate, and it offers great education opportunities.

The town of Bethel is a family oriented place, with beautiful landscapes, interesting traditions and friendly people. It is a town where one can enjoy the beauty and serenity that nature has to offer, but also feel the pulse of a modern and energetic lifestyle.

Bethel Demographic Details:

  • Area: 43,8 sq KM
  • Population : 18,584
  • Households: 6,312

Areas and Neighborhoods

Bethel CT Codfish Hill

Located just north of Huntington State Park in Redding, hiking is just a few minutes away.

  • 21Homes
  • $472KAvg Price
  • 3,113Avg SqFt
  • 1986Avg Year
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Bethel CT Plumtrees

This charming neighborhood is located near the heart of Bethel. Blue Jay Orchards is located here, and is a great place to pick your own apples in the fall.

  • 24Homes
  • $440KAvg Price
  • 2,641Avg SqFt
  • 1991Avg Year
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Bethel CT Grassy Plain

Located in the middle of this community is Overlook Park, where there are many walking trails and campsites.

  • 54Homes
  • $343KAvg Price
  • 1,954Avg SqFt
  • 1967Avg Year
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Condominium Complexes

Bethel CT Summit at Bethel

Rated the best condominiums in town, these units offer fireplaces and hardwood floors, as well as a pool, clubhouse, and fitness center on site.

  • 11Homes
  • $506KAvg Price
  • 2,602Avg SqFt
  • 2012Avg Year
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Bethel CT Bethel Meadows

These top quality condominium units boast fireplaces, large windows, as well as an on site pool and fitness center.

  • 1Homes
  • $389KAvg Price
  • 2,126Avg SqFt
  • 2009Avg Year
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Bethel CT Timber Oaks

Recently built in 2008, these condominiums feature a pool, tennis courts, and clubhouse on site.

  • 3Homes
  • $370KAvg Price
  • 2,463Avg SqFt
  • 2007Avg Year
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Bethel CT Lexington Meadows

These spacious townhouses feature fireplaces, private decks, plenty of storage options, as well as a short distance to the town center.

  • 4Homes
  • $331KAvg Price
  • 2,291Avg SqFt
  • 2000Avg Year
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Bethel CT Kingswood

These spacious, attached colonial homes feature marble fireplaces, walk-in closets, and private patios.

  • 3Homes
  • $302KAvg Price
  • 1,842Avg SqFt
  • 1980Avg Year
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Bethel CT Hudson Glen

These townhomes feature a fireplace, balcony with wooded views, and tennis courts on site.

  • 1Homes
  • $198KAvg Price
  • 1,452Avg SqFt
  • 1979Avg Year
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Bethel CT Autumn Ridge

These spacious townhouse style units are ideally located close to Bethel's charming center, and feature fireplaces and private decks.

  • 2Homes
  • $189KAvg Price
  • 1,556Avg SqFt
  • 1983Avg Year
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Bethel CT Greenwood Village

With 33 townhouse condos, these units feature private patios and walking distance to Bethel's charming center.

  • 1Homes
  • $160KAvg Price
  • 1,098Avg SqFt
  • 1975Avg Year
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Bethel CT Quail Run

These ranch style units feature wooded views, easy access to hiking trails, and a short distance to Bethel's center.

  • 2Homes
  • $150KAvg Price
  • 864Avg SqFt
  • 1975Avg Year
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