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About the Lifestyle in Town

Brookfield, Connecticut is a beautiful town in Fairfield County, in the foothills of Berkshire Mountains. In the 18th century, it was called Newbury, a name combination that derives from the three towns from which the land was taken- New Milford, Newtown and Danbury. The town was incorporated in 1778, and the name changed to Brookfield, honoring the first settled minister, Thomas Brooks. During the 18th and 19th century, the town of Brookfield was a powerful and busy manufacturing town. Because industry developed greatly along Still River the area was named Iron Works District. In that period the town was very successful and thriving with iron furnaces, sawmills, grist mills, carding and cotton mills, hat factories, and many others. Iron Works Aqueduct Company and the grist mill, which is now known as Brookfield Craft Center, are standing even today.

Brookfield Historical Society

Over the years, the town transformed, and today it offers from antique homes with great historic significance, to beautiful new and modern homes and condos. Brookfield is a place with amazing landscapes, and a multitude of parks and open spaces with beautiful hiking and walking trails, tennis courts, and impressive lakes. Residents can enjoy a wide range of recreational activities, and can easily combine the love for the outdoors with leading a modern, active and comfortable lifestyle.

Brookfield has two principal communities: Brookfield Four Corners- the town center, and Brookfield Center- the historic district, and almost fifteen minor ones. It is a city that is constantly growing and improving, providing residents everything they need for a carefree living. The town has eight churches, and many historic structures that have been beautifully preserved. The four public schools provide amazing educational programs, as does the only private school in town. Here, in Brookfield, you will also find the largest lake in Connecticut, Candlewood Lake, and have access to incredible beaches where you can enjoy fishing, and many boating activities. Conveniently located along Route 7, the major North/South road in Western Connecticut, the town has become an important center of small industry and consumer outlets.

Brookfield is a place with a strong sense of history, and many places dedicated to culture and the arts. Despite its rural feel, there is always activity in town, people are constantly on the move, and more and more new companies set their headquarters here, contributing to the town’s development. It is a wonderful place with nice and friendly people, a place that offers excellent opportunities for any type of lifestyle.

Brookfield Demographic Details

  • Area: 51,984 sq mi
  • Population: 16,345
  • Households: 5,521

Areas and Neighborhoods

Brookfield CT Long Meadow Hill

Located along the Housatonic River, this neighborhood is a small, yet charming community.

  • 18Homes
  • $896KAvg Price
  • 4,139Avg SqFt
  • 1985Avg Year
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Brookfield CT Candlewood Lake

This beautiful neighborhood is located along Candlewood Lake, where fishing and boating are right in your backyard.

  • 28Homes
  • $523KAvg Price
  • 2,053Avg SqFt
  • 1967Avg Year
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Brookfield CT Brookfield Center

Located in the center of this charming town and encompassing the historic district, there are many beautiful and historic homes and buildings.

  • 28Homes
  • $439KAvg Price
  • 2,557Avg SqFt
  • 1965Avg Year
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Brookfield CT Ironworks Hill

This small and charming neighborhood features a variety of affordable houses.

  • 11Homes
  • $423KAvg Price
  • 1,968Avg SqFt
  • 1970Avg Year
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Condominium Complexes

Brookfield CT Newbury Village

Close to Candlewood Lake, this adult community offers residents fireplaces, large windows, and a gourmet kitchen.

  • 4Homes
  • $381KAvg Price
  • 1,694Avg SqFt
  • 2012Avg Year
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