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About the Lifestyle in Town

New Canaan is a beautiful town in Fairfield County, Connecticut, one of the most affluent communities in the United States. Established in 1731 as Canaan Parish, the area was a religious community in northwestern Norwalk and northeastern Stamford. Initially, Canaan Parish was not designed as a town and that is why, when it was incorporated in 1801, New Canaan didn’t have a main street, a central common or a town hall. The settlement developed as an agricultural community and it remained one until late 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century when shoe making transformed the town and became the major industry in New Canaan.

In addition, many other small companies started to grow in different parts of the town, contributing to its rapid change and development. Once the railroad came to New Canaan, wealthy people of New York were attracted by the beauty of the town and made a habit out of spending their vacations here. Some of them were so charmed by this lovely town that they started moving to New Canaan and commuting to their jobs in the big city. Many of the tasteful and beautiful estates that belonged to the early families that came from the city can be found even today, sprinkled throughout this small town.

From the late 1940s through the 1960s, New Canaan was an important center for the modern design movement, attracting many artists, writers and media people. World famous architects found in New Canaan a place where they could bring their ideas to life, and managed to create many cutting edge homes. The most famous of all was the Glass House, created by Phillip Johnson, and it can be visited by appointment.

Over the years, New Canaan grew into a wonderful place that offers residents opportunities that ensure a comfortable and modern lifestyle. With its art galleries and historic sites, the town always adds something to its cultural value. Besides, there are many recreational activities to be enjoyed in New Canaan, as there are many parks and open spaces. Located close to Stamford and New York City, the town gives residents the chance to escape into different places and enjoy everything the surrounding cities have to offer.

New Canaan Demographic Details:

  • Area: 22
  • Population: 20,045
  • Households: 7,120

Areas and Neighborhoods

New Canaan CT Pinney’s Corners - Selleck’s Corners

This mainly residential area is home to the Country Club of New Canaan and is right next to the bustling town center.

  • 66Homes
  • $3.08MAvg Price
  • 7,275Avg SqFt
  • 1975Avg Year
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New Canaan CT Smith Ridge Road - Canoe Hill Road

This quiet, residential neighborhood features many spacious homes.

  • 113Homes
  • $2.03MAvg Price
  • 5,427Avg SqFt
  • 1969Avg Year
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New Canaan CT Talmadge Hill - Ponus

Located in this neighborhood is the well known Waveny Park, which has over 250 acres of wooded forests, hiking trails, and fields.

  • 67Homes
  • $1.59MAvg Price
  • 4,488Avg SqFt
  • 1968Avg Year
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New Canaan CT New Canaan Center

With many homes and condominiums the center is walking distance to a variety of restaurants, independent shops, and boutiqutes.

  • 112Homes
  • $1.34MAvg Price
  • 3,307Avg SqFt
  • 1964Avg Year
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Condominium Complexes

New Canaan CT Lee Fair West

Best rated in town, these luxury condos are close to bustling Main Street, with trendy restaurants and shops, as well as the train, just outside your door.

  • 2Homes
  • $1.92MAvg Price
  • 3,754Avg SqFt
  • 1977Avg Year
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New Canaan CT Park Slope

Located in the center of town, these condominium units are right next door to Mead Park.

  • 1Homes
  • $1.75MAvg Price
  • 2,989Avg SqFt
  • 2002Avg Year
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New Canaan CT Canaan Mews

With fireplaces, private patio, and plenty of space, these condos are close to the heart of New Canaan.

  • 1Homes
  • $1.10MAvg Price
  • 2,581Avg SqFt
  • 1986Avg Year
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New Canaan CT Canaan Close

These condos feature a fireplace, expanded decks, and a short distance to the center of town and the Merritt Parkway, providing easy access to New York City.

  • 3Homes
  • $1.03MAvg Price
  • 3,454Avg SqFt
  • 1972Avg Year
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New Canaan CT Orchard Hills

Located right next to Mead Park, these townhomes offer a residents a pool on site, making it perfect for families.

  • 1Homes
  • $985KAvg Price
  • 2,444Avg SqFt
  • 1973Avg Year
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New Canaan CT Pride’s Crossing

These luxurious condominiums feature fireplaces, built-ins, and private brick patios, as well as a short walk to shops, restaurants, and train station.

  • 5Homes
  • $981KAvg Price
  • 2,045Avg SqFt
  • 1973Avg Year
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New Canaan CT Cobbler’s Green

Offering residents fireplaces, cobblestone terrace, and pool on site, these condos are also a short walk to Main Street.

  • 1Homes
  • $915KAvg Price
  • 2,721Avg SqFt
  • 1968Avg Year
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New Canaan CT The Sanctuary

Nestled in a sanctuary of water, trees, and lush lawns, these beautiful condos are not far from the trendy shops and restaurants in town.

  • 2Homes
  • $875KAvg Price
  • 1,953Avg SqFt
  • 1982Avg Year
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