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About the Lifestyle in Town

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Redding is a rural town in Fairfield County, Connecticut, with beautiful scenery and plenty of open spaces. Rated as one of the best small towns to live in, Redding offers residents a peaceful and quiet life in a wonderful picturesque setting. The town is bordered by Bethel, Danbury, Easton, Ridgefield, Newtown, Wilton, and Weston, and offers residents the privacy and comfort that they desire.

Incorporated in 1767, the town of Redding grew as a farming and manufacturing community in the 19th and 20th century. Once the railroad came to town in 1852, the town’s population decreased considerably, as people abandoned their farms and moved away. This continued until the end of World War II, when the beauty of Redding was noticed by wealthy New Yorkers, who viewed this as a great opportunity to leave the big city and built houses in this bucolic and serene place. As city people started buying the antique colonial houses and build new ones, the town started developing and regained population.

Redding is known for the impressive educational and outdoor programs that it offers, as well as for the large number of historic buildings and colorful landscape. Redding has been the home of many famous artists, writers, and musicians such as Leonard Bernstein, Meat Loaf, Jascha Heifetz or Edward Steichen. The most famous Redding resident, however, is by far Mark Twain, who died here in 1910. The great Mark Twain Library hosts plenty of Twain memorabilia and is one of the city’s landmarks.

In addition to this, Redding’s beauty also comes from the natural treasures that are the town’s parks and gardens. Among the most beautiful places in town, there is Putnam Park - the oldest park in the state of Connecticut - and Devil’s Den, which covers miles and miles of hiking trails and natural wonders.

Redding, Connecticut is a rather unique town that somehow managed to keep its historical charm while giving residents everything a modern existence requires. People can easily enjoy outdoor recreational activities, get in touch with the latest cultural and artistic movements, as well as live life to the fullest in a calm and tranquil setting.

Redding Demoghaphic Details:

  • Area: 32
  • Population: 8,411
  • Households: 2,920
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Areas and Neighborhoods

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Redding CT Five Points

A small neighborhood, this area is located close to Putnam Memorial Park, Huntington State Park, and The Redding Country Club.

  • 7Homes
  • $1.47MAvg Price
  • 6,230Avg SqFt
  • 1986Avg Year
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Redding CT Redding Ridge

This beautiful neighborhood features Huntington State Park, which is perfect for a day of hiking or canoeing.

  • 14Homes
  • $1.04MAvg Price
  • 4,607Avg SqFt
  • 1954Avg Year
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Redding CT Boston

If you love nature, then this neighborhood is for you! Devil's Den preserve, The Rock Lot, and Stormfield are all closeby.

  • 4Homes
  • $937KAvg Price
  • 2,866Avg SqFt
  • 1976Avg Year
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Redding CT West Redding

Comprising of the western area of Redding, it also encompasses other smaller neighborhoods, including Sanfordtown and Topstone.

  • 41Homes
  • $798KAvg Price
  • 3,414Avg SqFt
  • 1956Avg Year
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Redding CT Topstone

Located around Topstone Park, swimming, kayaking, and nature trails are right in your backyard!

  • 7Homes
  • $646KAvg Price
  • 3,907Avg SqFt
  • 1938Avg Year
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Redding CT Sanfordtown

This beautiful residential area features the Samuel E. Little River Preserve, a trail loop accessible all year round.

  • 13Homes
  • $631KAvg Price
  • 3,251Avg SqFt
  • 1919Avg Year
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Redding CT Redding Center

This quaint area of town features many historic buildings, including its original town hall, congregational church, and many colonial homes.

  • 4Homes
  • $500KAvg Price
  • 2,970Avg SqFt
  • 1962Avg Year
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Condominium Complexes

Redding CT Redding Woods

Located close to Georgetown Center, these stand-alone homes feature finished basements, front and side porches, and a great location.

  • 2Homes
  • $489KAvg Price
  • 2,206Avg SqFt
  • 2000Avg Year
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Redding CT Georgetown Place

Built in 2002, these condos offer walk-in closets and updated kitchens, as well as an easy commute to New York City.

  • 1Homes
  • $255KAvg Price
  • 1,306Avg SqFt
  • 1988Avg Year
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