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About the Lifestyle in Town

Settled in 1708 by colonialists from Norwalk and Milford, the town of Ridgefield grew slowly as an agricultural rural community with strong religious roots. In 1781, the French army under Comte de Rochambreau, encamped in town and the first Catholic mass was offered.

In the late nineteenth century, a railroad spur was built to the town and provided easy access to New York City and soon attracted wealthy New Yorkers to the cool hills. They built huge summer “cottages” some with over 2,000 acres. In order to service these huge estates, many immigrants were hired and lived in town and today their ancestors own businesses or they commute to New York.

With the great depression most of these huge estates were sold off and today form the basis for the plentiful subdivisions of 2 acres in town. The town Fathers have been careful to assure that the town maintains the open spaces and recreational facilities that make Ridgefield a special place to live.

Ridgefield has always been known for its historic features from the Tree Lined Main Street with its late Victorian and Colonial buildings, to its many churches and historic buildings which have been restored. The town retains a quiet elegance and, because of the strong planning and zoning department, has maintained much of the 19th and early 20th century charm.

Today the town is a vibrant, high-energy community, with well known restaurants, famous museums, and a sense of history and purpose. The town attracts many executives who commute to New York City as well as those who work for the many companies headquartered in Stamford and other business oriented towns.

Ridgefield Demographic Details:

  • Area: 34
  • Population: 24,850
  • Households: 8,613

Areas and Neighborhoods

Ridgefield CT North Ridgefield

Bordering New York and Danbury, there are many open spaces and farms, including Hemlock Hills, Ridgebury Farms, Seth Low Pierrepont State Park Reserve, and more!

  • 91Homes
  • $1.32MAvg Price
  • 4,075Avg SqFt
  • 1974Avg Year
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Ridgefield CT Village Center

The historic, tree lined Main Street is a beautiful place for a stroll, with a variety of small businesses and restaurants.

  • 57Homes
  • $1.14MAvg Price
  • 3,990Avg SqFt
  • 1962Avg Year
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Ridgefield CT South Ridgefield

Bordering Wilton, New York, and Redding, this neighborhood is home to the Silver Spring Country Club, where members can golf, swim, or play tennis.

  • 135Homes
  • $1.11MAvg Price
  • 4,344Avg SqFt
  • 1965Avg Year
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Ridgefield CT Branchville

With a variety of restaurants and shops, as well as its close proximity to neighborhoring towns and New York City, this neighborhood is a wonderful place to live.

  • 21Homes
  • $1.05MAvg Price
  • 4,449Avg SqFt
  • 1957Avg Year
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Condominium Complexes

Ridgefield CT Regency

This adult community is for occupants older than 55 years and is close to center of Ridgefield.

  • 1Homes
  • $720KAvg Price
  • 3,034Avg SqFt
  • 2009Avg Year
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Ridgefield CT Victoria Gate

Made of 18 townhouses, these condos feature private patios with gardens and 5 minute walk to the center of Ridgefield.

  • 1Homes
  • $599KAvg Price
  • 2,254Avg SqFt
  • 1986Avg Year
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Ridgefield CT Quail Ridge

These spacious units, with fireplaces, private decks, and hardwood floors, are also walking distance to the town of Ridgefield.

  • 2Homes
  • $497KAvg Price
  • 1,704Avg SqFt
  • 1986Avg Year
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Ridgefield CT Stonehouse Commons

These spacious condo units are located close to Ridgefield town center with an easy commute to New York City.

  • 1Homes
  • $295KAvg Price
  • 1,460Avg SqFt
  • 1995Avg Year
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Ridgefield CT Casagmo

This large complex is just a short walk to the town center, and has tennis courts, playground, clubhouse, and a private pool on site!

  • 1Homes
  • $209KAvg Price
  • 920Avg SqFt
  • 1970Avg Year
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Ridgefield CT Fox Hill

A clubhouse, playground, pool, and tennis courts are on site and the center of town is just a short walk.

  • 6Homes
  • $205KAvg Price
  • 1,132Avg SqFt
  • 1974Avg Year
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