Towns in Fairfield County

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Bethel CT

A small town with a friendly community, beautiful homes, and great amenities.
89 homes
$ 418K median price

Bridgeport CT

This large town offers more affordable homes and condominiums, as well as beachfront luxury homes. With several museums and over 25 parks, there is al...
333 homes
$ 225K median price

Brookfield CT

This charming town offers a variety of properties, from antiques to modern homes and condominiums.
93 homes
$ 385K median price

Danbury CT

This diverse town offers a variety of things to do, including hiking trails, parks, and museums.
227 homes
$ 350K median price

Darien CT

This town not only offers gorgeous waterfront properties, but also excellent schools and an easy commute into Manhattan.
163 homes
$ 1.50M median price

Easton CT

With miles of nature trails and several lakes and ponds for fishing, this town is perfect for those who love the outdoors.
56 homes
$ 614K median price

Fairfield CT

This beach town offers luxury waterfront homes, as well as more affordable properties. With a variety of activities, shops, and restaurants, there is ...
394 homes
$ 730K median price

Greenwich CT

With its luxury homes and waterfront properties, this town also has an excellent education system and a variety of things to do.
292 homes
$ 1.89M median price

Monroe CT

This small community has much to offer, including golf courses, hiking trails, sandy beaches, and fishing.
94 homes
$ 389K median price

New Canaan CT

With its vibrant Main Street, this charming town boasts many luxury homes. Rated one of the best places to live in Connecticut, it features an easy co...
211 homes
$ 1.50M median price

New Fairfield CT

As one of five towns surrounding Candlewood Lake, many homes in town boast waterfront views. Boating, golfing, fishing, and hiking are popular among r...
68 homes
$ 387K median price

Newtown CT

This family friendly town offers several parks, which include an ice skating rink, ball fields, tennis courts, and picnic areas.
147 homes
$ 425K median price

Norwalk CT

This town offers affordable homes, as well as luxury homes, many of which feature waterfront views. With a variety of vibrant neighborhoods, there is ...
348 homes
$ 533K median price

Redding CT

Rated as one of the best small towns to live in, this town is known for its parks and gardens, and also boasts many historic buildings and homes.
68 homes
$ 564K median price

Ridgefield CT

This friendly community offers a variety of restaurants, well known museums, and a rich history.
196 homes
$ 655K median price

Shelton CT

This charming, rural town offers a variety of affordable homes and properties, with easy access to the historic town center.
125 homes
$ 390K median price

Sherman CT

The most northern town in Fairfield County, this scenic and rural area offers beautiful historic homes.
45 homes
$ 599K median price

Stamford CT

This city offers a variety of luxury and affordable homes, as well as an easy commute to New York City.
512 homes
$ 569K median price

Stratford CT

Located on the water, this town offers some affordable beachfront properties, as well as a boatyard and marina.
221 homes
$ 270K median price

Trumbull CT

This town has a rural feel, with plenty of trails, picnic areas, ball fields, and playgrounds, this area is very family friendly.
117 homes
$ 425K median price

Weston CT

Despite the small population, this town boasts a variety of recreational activities. With its charming town center, it's no surprise this town is so h...
108 homes
$ 794K median price

Westport CT

Located on the water, this vibrant town offers beauitful, luxury properties.
269 homes
$ 1.30M median price

Wilton CT

With high ranking schools, easy commute to Manhattan, and a variety of recreational activities, this town is a great place to live.
135 homes
$ 799K median price
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