How to Plan and Prepare Your Home for Sale

Are you Ready?

The home-selling process starts a few months before a property is available for sale. Look at your home through the eyes of a possible buyer; in other words, decide what needs to be painted, repaired, cleaned, and thrown away. Would you want to buy this house? Show a home that looks good and attracts as many buyers as possible.

Yes, part of getting your house ready means repairing, painting, cleaning, etc...but also take this time to ask yourself why you really want to sell. There should be a good reason to sell, it’s a long process! Talk to your realtor, your reason for selling can impact the negotiating process.

Also make sure you a ready to leave your house and move. Detach yourself from your home, it will make things easier later on.

When to Sell

The market tends to be more active in the summer, especially because many parents want to send their kids to a new school at the beginning of the school year.

Markets usually have some balance between buyers and sellers year-round. There may be fewer buyers in late December in a given community, however, there are also likely to be fewer homes available for purchase. Home prices usually rise and fall because of general demand instead of the time of year.

Sell your property when it is ready for sale or there is a need or desire to sell.

How to Improve Your Home’s Value

Make improvements that shows the property well but does not involve a major investment. Easy improvements include painting, ensuring appliances are in good condition, and landscaping. Ask your realtor for more tips to improve your home’s value.

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