Kent Neighborhood in Wilton, CT

Map of Kent Neighborhood, Wilton CT

The historic district of Kent takes up the southern portion of Wilton, bounded east by Grumman Hill, west by Belden Hill, north to Sharp Hill, and south to Gregory Mill Site. The Danbury Highway runs through it. It is believed that Kent was named for the surname of a resident who lived at the railroad station, now known as the South Wilton Station.

Kent was declared a district in 1725, when Wilton was voted a parish. Over thirty families lived in the area, and became dissatisfied with the journey to their church in Norwalk, as well as Norwalk’s minister, Reverend Stephen Buckingham. The citizens then spearheaded a movement to make a separate parish.

Kent was home to several prominent Wilton settlers. John Dunning, born on Long Island, came to Wilton with his wife and family, as well as his friend, Joseph Birchard in 1715. Dunning built his home and farm on 30 acres of land. Birchard, who sat at the head of the Great Pew at the Congregational Church, bought a large farm in Wilton on what is now Grumman Hill Road. He is known for owning much of the land in Kent, purchasing Ridgefield from the Native Americans, as well as for serving as Selectman of Norwalk and Deputy to the Assembly.

James Betts, Jr., of the well known and numerous Betts family, also lived in Kent, and is known for serving on the Wilton Society Committee. The Betts had nine families in the Wilton Church, and by 1733, most owned houses along Danbury Road. Some men from the Betts family served as Wilton soldiers in the French and Indian War, and twenty Betts men served in the Revolution. Interestingly, one served on the side of the British. Many Betts daughters married into other prominent Wilton families, including the Keelers, Olmsteads, and Comstocks.

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