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Ambler Farm is located in Wilton, Fairfield County, Connecticut and it offers program teaching students and adults about farm life.

In 1794, Josiah Raymond, his son Platt, and his grandson Lewis bought land for a farm totaling almost 300 acres. Two homes were built on the property; a large white house built in 1799 (known as the Raymond Ambler House) and a large yellow house at the farm's entrance in about 1800. Hannah, Lewis Raymond's daughter, married Charles Ambler in 1800 and they later inherited the family property. Many other buildings were erected on the farm including a horse barn (1880), a hay barn (1899) and an ice house (1900). Both the red hay barn and the ice house were built by the local carpenter George Taylor.

Ambler Farm was run and occupied by the Raymond -Ambler descendants for generations. Descendant Betty Ambler continued to run the farm until her death in 1998. With enormous taxpayer support, the town of Wilton purchased the property and buildings. Today, the 200-year old farm is enjoyed greatly by Wilton residents. Ambler Farm aims to provide the Wilton community with hands on educational programming and sustainable farming.

Ambler Farm offers program teaching students and adults about farm life. Students will work in the gardens, spend time with barnyard animals, and even learn some cooking skills. Adults will become apprentices for Amblers Farm’s own farmer, Jonathon. Beginning with growing season in March and April and ending in the fall, adults will learn planting, transplanting, crop rotation, weed/pest control, irrigation, harvesting and even more. This program is perfect for those interested in improving their own garden or wishing to begin a small farm.

Fall at Ambler Farm is memorable and fun, with its two autumn programs, Fall Festival and Fright Night. At the Fall Festival, visitors can buy pies, play with farm animals, make a scarecrow, go on a hay ride and much more! Fright Night is made for kids grades 3 to 5 where there is storytelling, a haunted Halloween ride, and games.

Ambler Farm is open every day of the year and provides countless events and activities during all seasons. Whether they are buying a Christmas tree, purchasing fresh organic produce or attending a community fundraiser, there is something at Ambler Farm for everyone.

Check out Ambler Farm website to find out more!

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