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Babcock Preserve represents an unspoiled wilderness for everyone to enjoy in Greenwich CT. It contains a wide variety of different plant and animal life.

In 1972, the town of Greenwich acquired this 300 acre property from the Babcock family with the intention to preserve this magnificent plot of wilderness. Since then, almost no changes have been made to the Babcock Preserve and it remains almost entirely an unspoiled wilderness for everyone to enjoy. This vast forested land contains a wide variety of different plant and animal life.

Between the Red Maple and Yellow Birch Trails stands a wonderful cluster of 75 to 100 year old chestnut oaks. Down the hillside, one encounters an assortment of trees including: black oak, cherry, and birch. Mountain laurel, blueberry bushes, viburnum, and huckleberry all compete for space on the ground level. In another area, the forest changes to tulip trees and white ash, until the wetlands are reached and the red maples and willow take over. Ferns and wildflowers are quite abundant amongst the tree trunks and bushes. Of the wide variety of bird and animal life, those who are attentive and patient may even spot a rare river otter or Hooded Warbler.

The Babcock Preserve has a large variety of plants and animals and a wide spectrum of geographical features. The topography ranges from low level swamps and wetlands to high rising ridge tops comprised entirely of exposed sheet rock. A number of the trails wind through historical and archeological sites. In the 1980s, a Native American rock shelter, spear flints, and millstone were discovered on the property dating back to 2500 BCE. Remnants of stone walls from Colonial American farms can still be seen as well. Over seven miles of trails are available for hiking to explore this beautiful natural preserve. In addition to hiking, common activities include cross country skiing, picnicking, nature study, and horseback riding.

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This quiet area in the northern part of town features The Stanwich Club, a private golf club.

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