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Ballard Park is a very attractive getaway for the Ridgefield residents, as they can enjoy many events here like concerts and parties.

Located in Ridgefield, Connecticut is Ballard Park, a five-acre park. Donated by Elizabeth Ballard in 1964, Ballard Park hosts many events that the town of Ridgefield enjoys.

Concerts, parties, and other town events occur in this park. The series of free concerts, called Concert Happenings in Ridgefield’s Parks (CHIRP), happen Tuesday and Thursday nights in the summer. CHIRP, relying on donations and contributions, also sponsors U.S. Military Band concerts in the Ridgefield High School auditorium. These concerts help Ridgefield build community while professional musicians who may not have many opportunities, play in the background.

During the day, you can enjoy the gardens and trees as the seasons change. Ballard Park provides you with a safe environment to reflect and contemplate. The Town of Ridgefield and Department of Parks and Recreation are working to preserve and improve the park along with the Friends of Ballard Park Project.

Find out more about Ridgefield recreation facilities and programs on Ridgefield Parks and Recreation website!

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