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Candlewood Yacht Club is a great spot to relax and enjoy the calming effects of boating on a beautiful lake in New Fairfield, Fairfield County CT.

Candlewood Yacht Club is a great spot to relax and enjoy the calming effects of boating on a beautiful lake. Sunshine and a light breeze on Connecticut’s largest body of water truly is a serene experience which Candlewood Yacht Club can offer. The Candlewood Yacht Club has been dedicated to sailing, for both leisure and competitive racing, for over 70 years. Located in New Fairfield, Fairfield County, on the west side of Candlewood Lake at Chatterton Point, the club offers year round fun and activities for its members.

In addition to sailing on the lake, the club’s attractions include designated swimming areas, play areas, picnics, and a sense of community with other sailing families. The club is a tight knit group and the camaraderie of the fellow members is an incredible benefit. The club relies on active member involvement to continue the operation of the club, which in turn keeps the cost of membership down.

Because the community of sailors is so tight, you may feel hesitant about joining and feeling like an outsider. Have no fear! Candlewood Yacht Club’s “First Mate” program helps integrate new members into the community and makes them feel welcome. Through this program, you will meet other members, learn the inner workings of the club, and become involved in other club activities.

Currently, the club has about 75 families with each owning a boat in the 22-foot range but varying in shape and type. Two different intra-club races are held each Sunday for the competitor within you. But if racing is not your niche, then the 60 miles of coastline Candlewood Lake has to offer can be explored. No matter what your sailing preference, Candlewood Yacht Club prides itself on offering a fun, family oriented experience.

You can check the events calendar and find additional information on Candlewood Yacht Club website.

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New Fairfield CT
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As one of five towns surrounding Candlewood Lake, many homes in town boast waterfront views. Boating, golfing, fishing, and hiking are popular among residents.

Fairfield County
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7 Shore Drive, New Fairfield CT
Fairfield County, Connecticut

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North New Fairfield Neighbourhood

With a variety of affordable homes and condominiums, this neighborhood borders Candlewood Lake.

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