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Eichler’s Cove is Newtown’s only public access to Lake Zoar. The lake offers many wonderful opportunities for recreational activities for Newtown residents.

Eichler’s Cove Park is Newtown’s only public access to Lake Zoar and makes for an outstanding hangout spot and spectacular waterfront view. The lake is actually a Connecticut state reservoir and Newtown is just one of four towns including Monroe, Oxford, and Southbury that include it within their city limits. Eichler’s Cove is a to Lake Zoar for all the residents of Newtown and the lake offers many wonderful opportunities for recreational activities.

Boating and fishing are extremely popular on the lake. Each year, the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection restocks the lake with an assortment of fish like large mouth bass, white catfish, and rainbow trout. The boating speed limit of 45 mph on the lake is high enough to let loose and enjoy an exhilarating fast-paced cruise. Jet skiing, tubing, and water skiing are also permitted and are certainly wonderful recreational pastimes of Newtown residents. At the southern end of the lake stands the Stevenson Dam, which was constructed in 1919 to produce hydro-electric power and provide a vehicle crossing. You cannot boat within 300 feet of the dam, but the towering structure is still an awe inspiring sight. The lake gets in name from the old community of Zoar in Connecticut which was evacuated and eventually flooded in order for the Stevenson Dam to be constructed. The remains of the road to Zoar still exist on the Zoar hiking trail on the shore of the lake.

Eichler’s Cove also has a modest sized beach area where swimming is allowed with the roped off area. Here, Newtown residents come to play in the sand and water or relax comfortably on the shore with a book and blanket. Lifeguards are hired by the town for you and your kids’ protection. Quite a few picnic tables have been set up overlooking the beach and lake. This area is a prime location for an early evening family dinner with an unbelievable view in a gorgeous setting. Eichler’s Cove is quite a perk for the residents of Newtown.

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This area of town is great for those who love the outdoors, as it is close to Taunton Pond, Dickinson Memorial State Park, and Newtown Country Club.

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