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Fairfield County Hunt Club is a popular getaway for Westport residents, as it offers tennis courts, a swimming pool, and indoor riding rings.

In 1924, growing interest in horse-oriented events such as horse shows, polo matches, and hunting led several Westport residents to draw up blueprints that would be later used as a ground plan for a new club. After several financial investments and agreements, including using the talent of Charles Cutler, a young and prosperous architect to design the clubhouse and its two barns, the entire project was completed in 1927.

It did not take long before the Club was nationally recognized in the horse circuit with its three-day Class A show events, and began attracting the finest exhibitors on the east coast. Polo was a popular pastime for many years, as well as the Hunt, which was recognized by the Masters of Fox Hounds Association in 1926.

With the Depression came rapid drops in membership that eventually resulted in serious financial troubles, and when World War II came, it seemed dismal that the Club would ever recover and experience the greatness it once exuded. However, thanks to generous financial backing from many well renowned Westport residents, the Club emerged from this most difficult period in good shape.

Between 1949 and 1990, the Fairfield County Hunt Club enjoyed a period of impressive growth in terms of membership, finances, and activities. Many amenities were introduced, with tennis courts, a swimming pool, and indoor riding rings that finally allowed for year-round riding, only being some of them! Since then, the Club has been fully renovated and redecorated, so one can expect nothing short of modern luxury upon their visit.

Members of the Fairfield County Hunt Club can expect to have their needs met through numerous amenities, fine dining, a plethora of seasonal events, and a range of equestrian activities that cater to all, regardless of their riding ability. Members have enjoyed everything that the

Fairfield County Hunt Club has to offer them for years, and a visit is sure to satisfy you as well!

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