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Hidden Valley Nature Center is a small hiking area in New Fairfield CT. This park is a great place to explore local wildlife treasures.

Hidden Valley Nature Center is located in New Fairfield and is a small hiking area not generally well known to those outside New Fairfield. The trail system is not long; the experienced hiker could complete the trail in about fifteen minutes, making it is a great place for toddlers and the elderly. In addition to its small size, the Hidden Valley Nature Center has clearly marked signs and nature viewing stations strategically set up to capture glimpses of local wildlife and study the nearby foliage. The main attraction on the trails would be the large pond area where a platform has been built to allow for easy viewing of this unique ecosystem teeming with life.

Located right in the middle of town, the park is a neat place to explore local wildlife treasures. It is a superb place either to relax at the pond and take in the ambiance of nature or to get in a quick walk in a beautiful setting. The trail system is clearly marked and informational signs about the surrounding environment have been posted to make your trip an educational one. Because of its convenient location in the middle of New Fairfield, Hidden Valley is a must-see for any family. The fall season is especially gorgeous with the multi-colored leaves and a perfect photo-op location. Even if you are a serious hiker, Hidden Valley is still a lovely area for a walk.

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