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Mianus River Park represents a great getaway in Greenwich CT where residents are allowed free access to explore and hike during daylight hours.

The Mianus River Park contains a network of trails that wind past rock outcroppings, forested areas, and small knolls. The trails begin at Cognewaugh Road in Greenwich and proceed through the park to Merriebrook Lane in Stamford. Both towns own an equal 110 acres of the park and residents of each town are allowed free access to explore and hike during daylight hours. In order to preserve the natural beauty of the park, minimal human activity is allowed. Therefore, camping and picnicking within the park is prohibited. Fishing in the Mianus River is allowed with a state permit.

The Mianus River Park features a 2.6-mile nature trail that includes 12 stations that have been prepared as educational guides to the natural beauty and ecology of the area. Two distinct trails, labeled Pond and Oak, transverse the Greenwich portion of the park and weave through various wetlands and wooded areas. These trails provide any traveler with awe inspiring views of Southern Connecticut’s natural beauty. The park contains a wide range of geographical features including the Mianus River, small creeks, rock formations, wildflower gardens, and even a cave. The Mianus River Park is also home to various birds, animals, and fish.

The Mianus River, where the park gets its name, is immensely important to the town of Greenwich and surrounding towns. About 100,000 residents in the Greenwich area obtain their drinking water from this great natural resource. Therefore, the park aims to maintain and preserve the two mile stretch that passes through the park of this 20 mile long river and urges its visitors to be respectful.

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Mianus River Park , Greenwich CT
Fairfield County, Connecticut

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