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The David Ogden House is a historic house built in 1750 as an integral saltbox. The house is an exceptional survivor of a typical mid 18th century Connecticut farmhouse.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this farmhouse was built in 1750 for David Ogden at the time of his marriage to Jane Sturges and it was home for the Ogden family for the next 125 years.

The house has been furnished with objects from the Fairfield Museum’s Collections according to family documents and inventories.

Once surrounded by nearly 75 acres of farmland and several outbuildings, the Ogden House stands next to Brown’s Brook in the fertile Mill River Valley. Find out more about visiting Connecticut historic homes.

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Fairfield CT
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Fairfield County
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1520 Bronson Rd, Fairfield CT
Fairfield County, Connecticut

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