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Randall’s Farm Nature Preserve located in Easton CT includes a hardwood forest, meadows, a small pond and also trails for exploring the domain.

Randall’s Farm Nature Preserve is a 34-acre property in Easton, Connecticut that was recently acquired by the Aspetuck Land Trust. In its early days, the property used to be a dairy farm, owned and run by the Randall family. In 1983, the farm was purchased by Mrs. Henry B. DuPont III and in 2011, it was donated together with two leased residences to the Aspetuck Land Trust.

The picturesque domain in Easton includes a hardwood forest, fields, meadows, forested wetlands, as well as a beautiful small pond with snapping turtles. The preserve has many beautiful and groomed trails that take you through the high wildflower meadows and are perfect for exploring. Randall’s Farm Nature Preserve is one of the last great farm fields that remain, a wonderful place that transmits a certain feeling of serenity and peace.

The preserve is a huge attraction for nature and animal lovers as there have been discovered 52 species of birds and many animals at Randall’s Farm Nature Preserve, including turkey vultures, red wing blackbirds, deer, turtles, and butterflies. This natural sanctuary with its old hay fields is part of the agricultural heritage of the town of Easton, and makes for a great place to visit.

Randall’s Farm Nature Preserve is an extraordinary place that you can either visit out of love for nature, or consider it a great location for hiking, for walking your dog, spending time with your family in the outdoors or even go bird watching. The views are so wonderful that taking pictures of the scenery or even painting it are very good and inspired ideas. This is a beautiful preserve open to the public all year round, a perfect place for studying nature, and enjoying your regular hike.

Area & Map of ​Randall’s Farm Nature Preserve

Easton CT
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With miles of nature trails and several lakes and ponds for fishing, this town is perfect for those who love the outdoors.

Fairfield County
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Sport Hill Road, Easton CT
Fairfield County, Connecticut

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Lower Easton Neighbourhood

This rural area is perfect for outdoor lovers, as it encompasses Hemlock Reservoir and Easton Reservoir and is closeby to Trout Brook Valley Preserve.

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Easton Center Neighbourhood

The center of town is known for its friendly community, and features an art center and senior center.

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