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The Discovery Museum and Planetarium is a science museum in Bridgeport, Connecticut. You can visit the exhibits, learn or play here.

The Discovery Museum and Planetarium is a very popular tourist destination in Bridgeport, Connecticut. This hands-on science museum is also a great educational resource for many schools and education centers in the area. Founded in 1958, the museum was officially opened in 1962. This is a magnificent place to learn and educate yourself by getting involved and keeping active.

At the Discovery Museum and Planetarium there are always interesting things to do, not only for students, but also for the entire family. The museum has more than 65 exhibit areas where visitors can explore the worlds of science, technology and ideas by seeing, hearing and touching. The exhibits challenge visitors and help them gain a better understanding of science through fun and unique experiences. The center offers a variety of educational programs in which over 55,000 children get involved annually.

Every year, the Discovery Museum and Planetarium hosts three creative traveling exhibits that complement the permanent exhibits such as Green Energy, Sound, Light and Space Galleries. In addition to this, young visitors can have fun in the simulated Moon Base Discovery play area. This unique museum has come up with a different approach that offers visitors a wealth of adventures and interesting experiences.

The museum’s planetarium can fit in up to 121 people and puts on cutting-edge presentations using the latest technology. A few of the programs at the planetarium include Out-in-Space--a daily planetarium show, the Space Gallery which features an Apollo 11 suit replica, and Challenger Space Center that offers group missions and many special programs.

This is a place where you learn, play and have a great time, visiting the exhibits, asking questions and even enjoying a party, as the museum is a party venue as well. A visit at the Discovery Museum and Planetarium is going to prove very fun and interesting and makes for a very exciting getaway.

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Bridgeport CT
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Fairfield County
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4450 Park Avenue, Bridgeport CT
Fairfield County, Connecticut

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North End Neighbourhood

Home to three parks, Veterans Memorial Park, Puglio Park, and Elton Rogers Park, there are plenty of recreational opportunities.

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