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Trout Brook Valley State Park Reserve is the perfect getaway for the Easton residents. It's a great place for hunting, hiking or enjoying incredible views

Trout Brook Valley Reserve is a state park in Easton, Connecticut, managed by the Aspetuck Land Trust. A great place for hunting and hiking, it covers 300 acres and it is part of a larger preserve known as the Trout Brook Valley Conservation Area, in Easton and Weston. Previously owned by the Bridgeport Hydraulic Company, the land was saved from development in 1999, after the Aspetuck Land Trust and the Coalition to Preserve Trout Brook Valley’s efforts were joined by a large number of environmental organizations, hiking and mountain biking groups, naturalists and philanthropists, and they managed to purchase this parcel of land in Easton. Through their consistent efforts, the area will be preserved as open space forever.

Trout Brook Valley Reserve has miles and miles of hiking trails of different levels of difficulty. Because the changes in scenery are so dramatic, as the hiking trip unravels, you will get to see some of the most beautiful parts of New England nature. Some of the trails are connected to a more complicated trail system from the Jump Hill and Crow Hill Preserve. Besides the sharp hiking trails, there are also two equestrian trails, marked with blue or green. In the Trout Brook Valley Reserve hunting is allowed as well, but only in the specially marked hunting area, and it is limited to deer and turkey only. However, it can be an interesting experience, as the Reserve is very beautiful and challenging.

While wandering through the Trout Brook Valley Reserve you might find yourself in the delightful apple and blueberry orchards, from where you can pick as many fruits as you want, as long as you remain on the territory belonging to the Aspetuck Land Trust. A visit to the reserve can prove quite beneficial, as it offers incredible views, great hiking opportunities, as well as many chances to spot lovely birds and animals, while enjoying a day breathing the fresh air and admiring nature’s beauty.

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