The Real Estate Boutique of Fairfield County

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We are here to help you transition to the next phase of your life seamlessly.
Dagny Eason Company Founder
We are Independent
We are nimble & quick to adapt,
with no bureaucracy to slow us down.
Boutique Brokerage
Every client is a top priority, not just
another number in a spreadsheet.
In Fairfield County
We have been living here for 40+ years.
We know & love Fairfield County

10+ years in real estate

  • We sell fast! 92 days on market
  • Great selling prices! 97% sale/list ratio
  • Hundreds of homes bought & sold
  • Doubled our sales each year, since 2015

The way we work

We are a team of 6 agents, and together with our marketing experts, lawyers, inspectors and mortgage brokers we will help you transition to the next phase of your life, seamlessly.

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avg. rating: 5/5
avg. rating: 5/5
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