10 Secrets for selling your home fast

November 2, 2017
Top 10 secrets for selling your home fast

10 Secrets for Selling Your Home Fast


I am sure we all know the list of dos and don’ts to advise sellers.  I had recently experienced a seller who didn’t want to spend a dime to improve their property to sell.   You don’t have to spenda  fortune but there are ways to get 150% return on your  small investment on home improvement  and sell it fast.



1: Be ready to show your home anytime! 

It is hard to maintain to keep your house "show-ready" at all times . But you never know when your next buyer is going to walk through the door.  At least keep it tidy to show your home to your potential buyers at all times

2: First impression says it all!

Buyers will judge your home before they walk through the front door. You never have a second chance to make another first impression. Tidy up outdoor spaces like patios, decks and porches.  Replace old welcome mats or add a few potted flowers. 

3:  The kitchen comes first

Did you know your kitchen could make or break a potential sale – That’s how important it is! If your kitchen does not have a wow factor, consider remodeling your kitchen to appeal to buyers. You will probably will get at least 90% of your money back.   If you have a small budget available, buy One fancy stainless steel appliance. One high-end appliance will make people believe the rest are expensive and it updates the kitchen.

4:  Take the home out of your house.

It is very important to de-personalize your home before selling. NO family photos, NO personal items etc. Non-gender specific master bedroom

5:  Paint the interior of your home

Paint the interior of your home if it hasn’t been done in 10 years-it’s the biggest bang for your buck with a 150% return on investment. Painting is the best way to clean up, neutralize and rid your home of unpleasant odors that have permeated the walls. Stick to beiges, taupes, creams, greys- it goes with any décor. 

Large makeovers, may not help you in selling your home faster. Getting your money back if you do a large improvement before you put your house on the market may not happen.

6:  Cover the critters

Not everybody is a dog or cat-lover. Even if they are, they don’t love your pets!  Clean and wash all dog and cat beds, toys, blankets, food bowls, litter boxes and store them where buyers can't see or smell them during showings and open houses.  Temporarily take pets out of the home and all traces of them.  

7:  Know the agent field

Hiring the wrong broker is a deal killer. Make sure you have a broker who is totally informed and knows what he or she is doing. Find a broker who embraces technology – a tech-savvy one has many tools to reach out to home buyes.

8:  Let the light in

Brightening up a house can work wonders for its size and charm.  According to a recent survey, lighting up a room with good "daylight" lighting typically costs less than $400 and adds a $1,500 boost to the final sale price of a house.  Clean dirty windows, update lampshades, increase the wattage of your light bulbs and cut the bushes outside to let in sunshine. Do what you have to do make your house bright and cheery – it will make it more sellable.

9:  Throw out the old , dated and dusty

This is the time when you go through your belongings and discover that there isn’t anything worth keeping. Ideally, your rooms should look open and kind of empty .  Storage is something every potential buyer is looking for and can never have enough of. Remove half the stuff out of your closets then neatly organize the remainder. It’s commonly known that buyers will snoop because they are purchasing these spaces, so be sure to keep all your closets and cabinets clean and tidy.

10:  Find the value of your home and price it right with a Reputable Reltor

Find the value of your home by consulting with a realtor, who will price your home based on their research, knowledge and comparable comps, not what you think you home should list for.  

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