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We Have Lots Of Low Income Housing in Wilton, CT!

We have many units in Wilton, CT. We have 160 affordable units for our town of 17,000 people. Some are rental, and some are for purchase. They are small, larger, older and newer.... It is not a well known fact in town that these units exist. These units are in condominium complexes, single family homes, and in rental complexes such as Avalon Springs.

Lambert Common

Lambert Common, Crowne Pond, Perry Green, Village Court, Autumn Ridge, and Buckingham Road have homes for purchase. There are income, age, and employment restrictions all found in the covenants for these units. Wilton, like most towns in Connecticut, have to provide a certain percentage of housing for lower and moderate income townsfolk in order to satisfy a state statute.

There also are restrictions on the selling price in addition to the above mentioned income and age and residency requirements. In order to keep these units very affordable, the seller cannot make a good profit, but will be allowed to take any improvements into account in the selling price. What a fabulous deal for our police, firemen, women, and town employees.

Grumman Hill Village on Village Court

There are also, as I stated before, housing units for rent. These are located in Avalon Springs, The Greens at Cannondale, Sunrise Development, and Ogden House.

The Greens and Sunrise are both assisted living units, whereas Ogden House and Avalon are independent living units. If you need further information or wish to pursue these units further, please email me at or call me at 203-858-4853. I would be delighted to help you.

We have lots of Low Income Housing in Wilton, CT

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