Village Creek, South Norwalk, CT

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Village Creek, South Norwalk, CT


Village Creek is not only one of South Norwalk’s best kept secrets because of the beautiful land, private beach, marina, and modern houses – but it is also one of CT’s – and the United States – best kept secrets! Riddled with history, the community was built specifically to encourage racial and religious equality. While the idea is nice, it doesn’t sound too impressive today until you realize that Village Creek was built in 1949, when the United States was teeming with discrimination!

Living Room in Village Creek

The founders not only planned and built their community carefully, but faced discrimination themselves. The FHA in Hartford CT refused loans to Village Creek. Real Estate agents also refused to show homes in Village Creek.

Later, during and after the McCarthy Era, the community was dubbed “Commie Creek”. Some said that the homes--which had large windows facing the water--were constructed that way to guide Soviet Submarines to New York City!

Dock Road, Village Creek, Norwalk CT

Members today say that Village Creek still lives up to its founders' ideals - in fact some founders still live there. The community is also known to have 2nd generations buying homes in Village Creek as well.

The community just celebrated its 60th anniversary and was named to the National Registry of Historic Places. Norwalk Museum also had an exhibit about Village Creek running in 2010 and 2011 called "Village Creek, Open by Design".

This is a wonderful community that Connecticut can be proud of!

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