Best Schools in the Country 2016

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How does your school district rate compared to others in the country? A couple towns in Fairfield County are in the top 20 with WIlton, CT coming in with the third best ranking for all of Connecticut according to

The Best Schools in the Country 2016

Most parents know that their children’s school can make a big difference in their child’s future, or at least they should know it. Niche, which ranks more than 100,000 K-12 school districts, has a unique grading system. just came out with their 2016 Best School District national ranking. Are you wondering if your school made the list? Do you wonder what exactly they look at when ranking these school districts?

Lots of factors are used to come up with, not only the ranking, but a grade for each school district. According to Niche they measure test scores, graduation rates, college readiness, SAT/ACT scores, teacher quality and parent and student reviews of their school. Student outcomes were measured not just by matriculation but by the quality of those colleges attended.

It gives you, a parent (the consumer), a big picture look at the overall quality of your school district. It’s not just based on academics but the health and safety, student culture and diversity, teacher grades, resources and facilities, extracurricular and sports.

National rankings in our area…

Westport #12

New Canaan #16

Wilton #34

Greenwich #56

Weston #59

Darien #62

Ridgefield #85

The Top Ten Schools in the Country

as per ranking…

Out of 10,500 school districts making the cut here are the results.

#1. Tredyffrin-Easttown- Tredyffin, PA

#2. Eanes Independent- Austin, TX

#3. Jericho Union Free- Oyster Bay, NY

#4.New Trier Township No.203- New Trier, IL

#5.Princeton Public- Princeton, NJ

#6.Highland Park Independent- Northeast Dallas, TX

#7.North Allegheny- McCandless, PA

#8.Rye City- Rye, NY

#9.Indian Hill Exempted Village- Indian Hill, OH

#10.Glenbrook No. 225- Northfield, IL

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