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Chief Chicken Warrups was a Native American with a checkered past.

Meet Chief Chicken Warrups. This Mohawk Indian, originally from Pennsylvania, was captured by another tribe (the Ramapos) who eventually settled in the Greenfield Hill section of Fairfield/Westport, CT. Chief Chicken Warrups married the Ramapos chief's daughter. He later got into some trouble when he murdered another Native American.

He fled, but not very far. He ended up a few miles north in what is now known as Redding, CT. He engaged in the purchase and sale of land, always keeping his right to hunt and fish.

Redding is a town rich with history. Still standing today is the Geoppler Cider Mill, an interesting building that produced apple cider.

A real gem located in Redding is the Mark Twain Library. Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) moved to Redding later in life. After building a large home, he moved into the property named "Stormfield" in 1908. Although his stay in Redding was brief, his presence made a large impact on the town. He joined his neighbors in creating the Mark Twain Library Association. Twain enjoyed raising money for the Association by hosting dinner parties and concerts.

Another great spot to check out in Redding is Topstone Park, Redding, CT 06896. It is a 280 acre park where you can enjoy trails, camping, swimming and it is dog friendly! Horse friendly too!

In the early 1700s, the Ramapo in present-day western Connecticut were led by a sachem or chief named Katonah. Under pressure from English colonists, they sold their land in the Ridgefield area, a territory estimated at 20,000 acres, and moved away.

The Ramapo migrated west and some eventually settled in the mountains in northeastern New Jersey and southwestern New York; this part of the Appalachian Mountains was named for them by colonists as the Ramapo Mountains.

Casagmo in Ridgefield, CT 06877

Redding Woods, Redding, CT 06896

Topstone HIstory

Topstone Park, Redding, CT 06896

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