Cost of Mortgages to Increase Due to Recent Enactments Affecting Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

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Gene sent me this fabulous article about the changes we will see soon in the mortgage community.    I thought I would make these pieces of information available to those in my community.Via Gene Mundt Mortgage Lender Chicagoland Mortgage Lending...

Gene sent me this fabulous article about the changes we will see soon in the mortgage community.    I thought I would make these pieces of information available to those in my community.

Via Gene Mundt Mortgage Lender Chicagoland Mortgage Lending (815.277.4036

Cost Of Mortgages to Increase

 Due to Recent Enactments
  Affecting Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
     Recent Enactments that affect Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and ultimately about 70% of ALL mortgage holders, are going to drive-up the cost of doing mortgages soon. 
    Costs are expected to increase, or Interest Rates will rise... time will tell how much, but it's coming soon.
    Thinking of buying a home soon or in the future?  Playing with the idea?  Sitting on the fence regarding your options?  Can't make up your mind??

    The increases mentioned above regarding higher Interest Rates and additional mortgage costs will affect YOU ... should you not act NOW!!

     Why is this happening?  What changed?

      According to  an article written by David Zeiler  of  "NuWire Investor",  an investment news provider, the lowdown on the upcoming changes/increases come courtesy of the new  payroll tax cut extension  recently passed in Congress.  Mr. Zeilers quotes  "Money Morning"  investment news, as he writes:

     The payroll tax cut extension lauded as a victory for the American middle class will in part come at the expense of homeowners and home buyers who will see an increase in mortgage costs.  A loan guarantee fee paid for by loan originators like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will be increased as part of the measure, and that cost is expected to get passed on to mortgage holders.  The tax-bill provision is set to last for 10 years, which experts believe will make it harder for the two insolvent loan servicers to be phased out ...
    These increases are not being utilized as scare tactics by mortgage lenders.  They are not manufactured by the media. They are real.  They are fact.  They are coming soon.  And they are going to affect a new home buyer's bottom line.

    For those that have already acted and purchased a home ... or refinanced a prior mortgage ... Congratulations!  Your pro-active and timely decision is to be commended.  And think of the dollars you saved yourself!

      For those that have not yet taken the step towards homeownership ... or refinanced ...  gotten off the "fence", overcome fears, overcome objections ...
    NOW is the time to  contact meCall me. Text meEmail meSkype me.   Or .. Click Here!!  Together, we need to act on your behalf ... and act quickly.

     Please note, however: These changes do NOT impact FHA or VA mortgage holders... for now.  But ... with Interest Rates as low as they are presently, it could pay to investigate the financial and savings options that might exist for you.  It costs you nothing to have me  "run some numbers" and check your credit  ... so why not take that quick and easy step?

     Don't hesitate, don't lose out, and then have regrets later. Do yourself a huge financial favor. Take action now!

     Every dollar. Every savings you can find ... counts!

      * Should you be in need of mortgage, financial, or credit answers, please contact me through any of the following methods.  I will put my 35 years of mortgage experience and expertise to work on your behalf ... and be glad to have the opportunity to earn your business.
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