DIY Refinishing Furniture !

November 6, 2017
Simple steps to refinish old furniture

DIY Refinishing Furniture ! Simple Steps


I am not an expert at restoring  furniture but over years , I have refinished a ton of my antique furniture that are dull and lifeless.  Last weekend, looking at my old  dining room table,  I decided to refinish it and bring my furniture back to life. 

Over time. wood furniture loses its luster. But you don't have to discard or sell it when this happens. All it takes is a few steps to restore wood and have it looking elegant again. So , don't buy all new furniture-strip your old-looking wood furniture and re-stain it. 


START SIMPLE!!!!!     "KISS"    (Keep It Simple, Silly!)  



1. Coat with Zip Strip   to strip away old finish

Grab a medium sized paint brush and  pour a fair amout of Zip Strip on your furniture and brush the furniture.  The varnish, polyurethane, or paint will bubble very quickly.  DO NOT LET THE STRIPPER DRY!     Just watch it, and scrape off before it dries.   I use a metal can or plastic container to scrape the waste into.    

zip strip

2. Scrapper  : These tools are so handy.  You can dig out the dirt inside cracks and scrape old finish further . Be careful not to damage the furniture. 


When you think it is clean, take another look - any shiny spots probably have a little finish left.   Redo those spots.    


3. Clean it with Paint thinner with Paper Towel or Still Wool.   Wipe it completely clean with a paper towel doused with paint thinner.     DO NOT USE WATER, as it takes a long time to dry.   

 sunny side

4. Sand any spots that need it until surface is the way you would like it.  




5.  Apply Shellac  first and let it dry.  Buff off with fine sand paper or steel wool.  Do a final wash to make sure all dust is off the surface and everything is clean.   Then apply Polyurethane (can be satin, semi-gloss or gloss, depending on the furniture) and  let it dry. 


6.   "Rinse and repeat.  Rinse and repeat....... "   You should put 3 coats on the furniture.    



Great Work! You have returned your wood furniture into its former glory ! 


Go stand back and admire your work!


DIY Refinishing Furniture ! Simple Steps

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