Riding the Home Surfing Wave

May 18, 2016 scroll to read ...
The wealth of online property information can be confusing for consumers. Property data and predictive analytics need to be understood and carefully interpreted to be beneficial to the real estate industry.

Stefan Swanepoel, Chairman and CEO of Swanepoel T3 Group, has been highlighted in Entrepreneur Magazine on the abundance of online property data and predictive analytics to benefit the real estate industry and enhance the home buying experience for consumers.

Consumers have access to a tremendous amount of property information from online sites such as Zillow. With so much information, it can be overwhelming to home buyers and sellers. Real estate agencies and brokerages must help consumers understand and interpret the data so it will be useful for consumers in their decision to buy or sell a home.

Predictive analytics is also being used by the real estate industry to predict future market outcomes and trends. Swanepoel offers advice for real estate entrepreneurs in their use of predictive analytics. Similar to the abundance of property data, careful understanding and interpretation of the data is needed.

For more detailed information, please refer to the full article in Entrepreneur magazine.

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