How Far Would You Go For A Client

July 28, 2015 scroll to read ...
The length to which I will help a client.

How far would you go for a client?

Seriously, I have a tendency to help clients clean, remove clutter, box items for storage, stage, etc. You get the picture .... I'm an all-purpose Realtor. I enjoy my work, and clients know they can count on me.

So now you're wondering what I've gone and done this time.

A few years ago I sold a house to a cute couple. We stay in touch, exchange holiday and birthday greetings; and they used me as a reference when they decided to adopt a dog last fall. Great dog, too!

Here's the thing .... they have a 5 year old, male cat that came from the Humane Society as a kitten. The cat is neutered, sweet, loving and the pride and joy of my clients. Enter: 'the' large dog and a client who decides to relocate for a new job.

They ask me to list their house. Cool, no problem. Let's go over a check list of items that need to be addressed prior to putting it on the market. Done. Okay, one more thing, the house will show better if the animals are not in the house. Done. He is leaving early to find a house and taking the dog and the cat with him. Cool.

I get a call. "I'm not taking the cat." Really?!! Only the dog?!

Yup, I now have the cat! I'm an animal lover, so it didn't seem too outrageous. However, my two indoor, male cats didn't quite agree. They kept "newbie" under the bed! Yes, under the bed for FIVE WEEKS!

I'm heartbroken and feel like a total failure and call a friend who's cat passed away a month earlier. Short story .... I take the cat to her house thinking he will be SO HAPPY - no other critters, peace and quiet, no hissing. Bliss.

I get a call 12 hours later, "It's not going to work. I haven't slept all night because the cat was running around the house like a maniac." Okay, I'm on my way.

Well, that experience seems to have changed the cat's mind and has decided my house is pretty cool, after all. He no longer lives under the bed and has discovered there is a world outside of the underside of a mattress! My cats, on the other hand, are still thinking about their new brother and ways to chase him back under the bed. I guess they will adjust, at some point. Right?!


Question: How Far Would You Go For a Client?

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