KISS--A Staging Tip

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Keep it Simple! - A Staging Hint

KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) is a well know acronym that can be applied to anything in life. Stagers and agents of the world will agree - get rid of the clutter, place some key warmth in your home, and make sure it smells good! A symbol from ages ago of warmth and happiness is a bowl of apples on a table where all gather. The home mood needs to be clean and warm. In other words, keep it simple.

A simple center of the table decor for will be much more attractive than the usual salt and pepper. If doing the decor for a resale of a home, called staging, it is a good idea to create balance and color.

A bowl of fruit will be a warm welcoming signal to the buyer.

The best approach to the staging of a home for resale is to place a call to your local realtor, who will then refer you to several stagers that she/he is familiar with. The cost is usually fairly reasonable, and the effects magnificent! I sold three homes immediately after the staging last year - they were not even getting showings before that. Your realtor will guide you to a stager that will work for your purse and your taste.

It's Time to Keep it Simple! - A Staging Hint

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