One of the Best Elementary School in CT, Miller-Driscoll's New Face

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The New Miller-Driscoll School...An "Excelling School" Education in a Newly Renovated Building!

The New Miller-Driscoll School...An "Excelling School" Education in a Newly Renovated Building!

miller driscol

Our wonderful Elementary School, Miller-Driscol, undergone a large-scale of interior and exterior remodeling project and Wilton Public Schools are celebraing its completion by opening the school to the residents and visitors on Saturday Morning on Nov.18, 2017 for second time. Hundreds of people stopped by to see this newly renovated bright and beautiful school. 


Visitors were greeted by Wilton Public Schools Superintendent Kevin Smith, Principal Kathy Coon and Assistant Principals Jeremy Cross and Janean Carley.  The reviews from the people who visited were so  positive, enthusiastic and very much appreciated.

principle         people


      art with people   people at entrance   


 The building renovation project began in the summer of 2015 as portable classrooms were installed to provide classroom swing space during the renovation. The project is now completely finished and newly remodeled including grounds, landscaping .

parking   play ground

bath new cafeteria


The school has been transformed from an aged, dark, difficult-to-navigate building with a history of leaks and inefficient and noisy heating & cooling system, that lacked fire safety and security features, efficient traffic flow--and more- -into a modern, light-filled, colorful, code compliant, sound and comfortable K-2 and Early Learning Center/Pre-K with safer drop off/pick up areas, improved site circulation--and more as you can see pictures below

purple  blue

yellow corridor


But even before the renovation, Miller-Driscoll is already a wonderful educational institution recognized by the Connecticut State Department of Education as an "Excelling School".  There is intensive focus on reading skills, critical thinking and math skills.  The students feel a sense of community by being part of a  "cottage" where they stay for the duration of their 3 years here.  They are encouraged to develop and foster that community by learning responsibility for their own actions as well as taking care of others.  For several years now, the school has offered a full-day kindergarten program.  Just as in the other schools, parents have the opportunity to be involved as Classroom Representatives, field trip chaperones, various reading opportunities, Science Fair and Women's History Day just to name a few.


book fair  catapillar

gym  outdoor garden


Miller-Driscoll School is yet another example of the fine educational system offered here in Wilton. It's a reason people buy properties here, stay here and get involved here. Wilton’s school district is consistently one of the best in the state. People move to Wilton because of its education system and this newly renovated Miller Driscoll Elementary School will attract even more parents who care for their children’s education.



I'd like to invite you to check out this wonderful community for yourself. I'm happy to give you a town tour and show you some homes.

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The New Miller-Driscoll School...An "Excelling School" Education

in a Newly Renovated Building!


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