Oyster Wharf on Rowayton Avenue, Norwalk, Connecticut 06853

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Newly built in 2009 with only the best materials, Oyster Wharf is home to four luxurious condominiums that are unmatched in excellence.

Oyster Wharf on Rowayton Avenue, Norwalk, Connecticut 06853

Newly built in 2009 with only the best materials, Oyster Wharf is home to four luxurious condominiums that are unmatched in excellence. Each 3,000 square foot unit features the best that Norwalk has to offer. With views overlooking the beautiful Long Island Sound, these homes are perfect for any ocean enthusiast looking for an incredible location.

Each home comes with three full bathrooms and one partial. The master suite is spacious with large ceilings, walk-in closets, and beautiful hardwood floors. The elegant bathrooms come with everything you would expect in a house of this magnitude, like a full bath and large mirror. And the fireplace in the master bedroom gives you a relaxing way to end your day.

The kitchen comes with state-of-the-art stainless steel appliances, custom cabinets, stone countertops and masterfully installed hardwood floors. There is a gorgeous island with a sink installed that has floating cabinets above, as well as a large pantry that really fills out this eat-in kitchen. The rest of the home is very open with big windows to let the sea air permeate throughout the house.

The surrounding area is what really makes these units special. Located in affluent Fairfield County, Oyster Wharf is a close drive to downtown Westport, where you can shop at stores such as Tiffany’s & Co. The Rowayton railroad station is only a short drive away and can grant you easy access to New York City in just over an hour. The Long Island Sound, which is great for fishing, boating, and all sorts of water activities is right at your fingertips. No matter what you decide to do, Interstate 95 will take you wherever you wish to go, and the two-car garage located under the building will be able to house anything you throw at it. Oyster Wharf is truly one of the most luxurious and special locations in Fairfield County and all of Connecticut.

Oyster Wharf on Rowayton Avenue, Norwalk, Connecticut 06853

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About Norwalk...

Norwalk is a beautiful and lively city in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Found 45 miles from New York City, it is part of the greater New York Metropolitan area. The town has plenty of historic houses, which were once occupied by renowned writers and artists, sophisticated and wealthy communities, as well as many houses that face the calming waters of the Long Island Sound, providing incredible views. Norwalk is a town where everyone can find a lovely place to live, at affordable prices.

Norwalk was purchased in 1640, and chartered as a town in 1651. During the Revolutionary War, the town was almost completely destroyed by the British troops, with only six houses left standing. Oyster farming and the New York and New Haven Railroad that started operating through town, contributed to the town’s growth and development in the 19th century. Incorporated as the town it is today in 1913, Norwalk is nowadays one of the most livable cities in the United States.

Norwalk is one of those towns that give out a busy feel, but are extremely beautiful and often offer the peace and tranquility one needs amidst the daily activities. With two sandy beaches and several ponds, a variety of golf courses, tennis courts, and wonderful parks, the town offers residents a wealth of recreational opportunities. Norwalk is known for its Maritime Museum and Center, the annual Oyster Festival that always attracts large crowds, but also for the sophisticated shopping and eating district that is known as SoNo- South Norwalk business district.

This small city has strong manufacturing roots; in the 20th century, a major industry in Norwalk was the manufacturing of leather goods and materials for clothing. Many companies move their headquarters in Norwalk, as the city has a great transportation system and affordable work force. Some of the companies that can be found in Norwalk today are: Applera, ABB Inc., Pepperidge Farms, Xerox and more.

Norwalk has a much appreciated educational system and always provides top notch school programs. The town is beautiful, and its location on the Long Island Sound and close to New York City makes it a living choice for many people. The landscape of the city is constantly changing, many old buildings and houses are being torn down and replaced with new structures to fit modern lifestyles. Energetic, vibrant and sophisticated, the town of Norwalk is very welcoming and a wonderful place to live.

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