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Redding, CT 06896 April 2013Real Estate Market Data for Redding, CT  by Dagny Eason of Dagny's Real Estate  Redding, a beautiful historic town, in Fairfield County, CT.  This picturesque town has all F...

Redding, CT


April 2013

Real Estate Market Data for Redding, CT by Dagny Eason of Dagny's Real Estate


Redding, a beautiful historic town, in Fairfield County, CT. This picturesque town has all Fairfield County has to offer, close proximity to New York City and those great Connecticut schools. Redding also gives you a rural setting with peace and quiet.

New Pond Farm

New Pond Farm is located in Redding, CT. New Pond Farm is a beautiful farm on 102 acres, offering much to this community. Not only do they host many fun events like the annual "A Run for the Cows" road race, the Harvest Festival and the Founders' May Fair, they also host a number of educational programs for both adults and children.

Redding received the second place rating in Connecticut Magazine's "Rating the Towns 2012" in the Small CT Towns category.

If you are looking for a scenic, private, town, Redding is the right town for you.

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Number of Homes Sold in Redding

2011(blue), 2012(red) and current 2013(yellow)

number of sales in Redding

Sales Price Averages in Redding

2011, 2012 and current 2013

Sales Prices Averages in Redding, CT

Sales are steady for Redding so far in this year. In November 2012 an amazing country estate sold for $11,875,000 which brought the Sales Price Average way up in Redding. See red bar for November in the above graph.

Redding Sales History 2010-2012

Redding Sales History

In 2010, 76 homes sold with an average price of $701,770, in 2011, 79 homes sold with an average price of $629,891 and in 2012, 91 homes sold with an average price of $687,777.

Currently in Redding...

The average sale price in April was $501,944 with 9 homes sold. There are currently 117 active listings and 21 pending in Redding.

Redding, CT - Statistics

  • Population 9,158
  • Median Resident Age 41.0
  • Estimated Household Income $126,184
  • Median House or Condo Value in 2012 $703,376
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