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Before jumping into remodeling project, identify the obstacles

There are easy Problems or Pitfalls to watch out for before you begin your new design of your home.....


You just purchased a new home, moved in, and would like to make some changes........    


What should you look out for?

1.  Wetlands nearby?

2.  Where are the support beams?

3.  What will you gain vs. what you will lose?

4.  Do you still want your sink under the window?


Contemporary Home



As a homeowner, it is exciting to plan to build or modify your house into your dream house.  I have a friend of mine who is in Home Design Industry and shared his stories of his clients. 

One of their biggest mistakes homeowners make is to rush into design before the goals or any obstacles for the project are well defined. Without knowing those, it will lead lots of wasted time, money and disappointment.  

One case was that he sketched options for a room addition that an excited client asked for and spent 2 hours with the client, later on he noticed that the vegetation just beyond the lawn and some low bushes was a sea of skunk cabbage. It was wetlands soil !  Of course, the project could not proceed as the house was on the part of  wetland.  This happens more often than you would imagine.   It is not always as obvious as skunk cabbage=wetlands.  Wetlands need to be investigated by a soil scientist. It takes a trip to the Conservation Department to see if you are in an area that requires further investigation. 


Another - A renter planning to buy and renovate the property he was living in was told by the seller that Zoning Approvals for the proposed changes had been obtained, but he failed to mention that they had expired and that the new owner would have to start over. 


Before jumping into the projects for designing or modifying your house, make sure all the factors that can affect the project have been identified.  And good designer will help you identify these! 

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