Saugatuck Rowing Club, Westport, CT

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Saugatuck Rowing Club, Westport, CT

Nestled on the banks of the Saugatuck River,

Saugatuck Rowing Club

is right off of Interstate 95 and close to the Westport train station. Promising excellent views of the water, the Saugatuck Rowing Club provides a luxurious space for rowing, fitness, dining, and all the amenities of a club. As the staff here continually works to keep the club at tip-top shape, your fitness and health goals are now easily in reach. Working out has never been so enjoyable when being able to see the Saugatuck River.

Saugatuck Rowing Club

Even non-members of the club can enjoy a Learn How To Row program. At the Saugatuck Rowing Club, you can learn the basics of handling a boat! There is also a running club if you want to build endurance.

Coaches provide the highest level instruction for learners, and the club is frequented by experienced rowers. The staff also includes nutritional consultants who can help you achieve your healthy-eating goals.

Dining at the Sauguatuck Rowing Club is upscale to say the least! The executive chef is a graduate of The New York Restaurant School who was at the top of his class. Cooking in New England, mainly Connecticut and Vermont, Executive Chef Paul Scoran is eager to please any palate.

Saugatuck Rowing Club

An excellent gem of Westport, Connecticut, the Saugatuck Rowing Club offers much to the community. With excellent fitness facilities, a rowing program, and high-end dining, the Saugatuck Rowing Club draws many!

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