​Urban to Suburban

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Urban to Suburban

All my life I wondered what it would be like to live in the suburbs. That’s pretty odd coming from someone born and raised in Manhattan. I never contemplated the possibility of leaving the pulsating energy of the big city despite being curious about what life could be like with a backyard and the absence police sirens. And then things began to change. I got married, raised a puppy and started working on a family (we have a son on the way). It was about three or four years ago when my wife and I first began to entertain the notion of going from urban to suburban. It wasn’t that my wife and I disliked big city living anymore. I mean, who could ever get tired of the best of everything? The best food for whatever your taste buds desire, at whatever time you desire them. The best art scene, no matter whether on canvas, on stage, or on sidewalks and subway walls. And do I even have to mention the shopping scene? The only thing that is consistent about the city is that it is always changing and evolving. From the second you step out of your condo, co-op, penthouse, townhouse, studio, shoe box, whatever the case maybe, the city is in a constant state of flux and I’ve relished that symphony of energy and chaos since I was a child.

Possible the best of both worlds

Throughout our endless late night discussions about where we wanted to live and raise a family, my wife and I began to realize that we might be able to have the best of both worlds: a home to finally call our own with the city still nearby for work and play. So after years of debate, hard work, planning and most importantly, saving, we finally agreed the time was right to find our dream home in the suburbs. The challenge? We had no idea how to get started. The only thing I could envision was that circa 1950’s American Dream picture book setting. You know, the beautiful suburban house surrounded by a white picket fence with your loving wife and two kids playing with the dog in the yard. With that image in mind, our search is in full swing and we are getting close to making it a reality.

To be continued…

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