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  Real estate market data for Westport, CTprovided by Dagny Eason of Dagny's Real Estate  Westport, CTWestport is a town in Fairfeld County located on the coast of Long Island Sound.  Westport is a great town with...

Real estate market data for Westport, CT provided by Dagny Eason of Dagny's Real Estate

Westport, CT

Westport is a town in Fairfeld County located on the coast of Long Island Sound. Westport is a great town with a lot to offer. Shopping, golf, the beach, a theater are among the many activities available to you as a Westport resident.

Main Street Westport, CT

Fairfield County is popular for many reasons, proximity to Manhattan, beautiful country towns and access to the shores of Long Island Sound. When you live here you quickly become aware of the differences from town to town. One thing Westport is famous for is its shopping. As much as we love that Manhattan is a quick train ride away, Westport has many fabulous shops. It offers everything from small boutiques to international retail stores, such as Tiffany's, Brooks Brothers, Gap, Lululemon,Urban Outfitters and many many more.

Shops in Westport, CTUrban Outfitters Westport, CT

Westport Average Sales Prices for Jan., Feb., March, & April - A comparison to surrounding towns in Fairfield County for the same months

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Westport current active listings broken down by various price points

Westport CT active listings

Currently in Westport...

The Average sale price in March was $1,826,537 and 30 houses sold in April. There are currently 286 active listings and 84 pending in Westport. So far in May 19 homes have sold in Westport.

Westport Sales History

Westport Sales History

In 2010, 379 sold in Westport with an average price of $1,386,168, in 2011, 379 homes sold with an average price of $1,264,304, and in 2012, 391 homes sold for an average price of $1,342,558.

Westport CT Statistics

  • Population 24,475
  • Median Resident Age 43.1
  • Average household income $155,123
  • Average house value 2012 $1,408,571

(Numbers are all estimates)

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