Short Sale Webinar This Tuesday at AR University

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This will be a great one! Thanks so much for doing this, and holding it when wer need it - before the next group come along in the early spring. Via Melissa Zavala Realtor® North San Diego Co...

Short Sale Webinar This Tuesday at AR University

This will be a great one! Thanks so much for doing this, and holding it when we need it - before the next group come along in the early spring.

Via Melissa Zavala Realtor® North San Diego County Homes (Broadpoint Properties):

short sale webinar
A few weeks ago Bob Stewart asked me if I would be willing to conduct a series of short sale webinars at AR University. Since the perils and pitfalls of short sales is probably one of my all-time favorite topics, how could I resist?

So, on Tuesday, November 29th, we are doing the first one at 10:00 PST. I'm letting you know now, because I am getting a little worried that everyone is going on a nice little vacation this weekend and I will be talking to an audience of one (Bob, who will likely be the moderator).

Here's what we are going to discuss in the 1 hour free webinar:

  • Why to embrace the Short Sale Transaction (a.k.a. the hidden goldmine)
  • How to think like the lending insitutions
  • How and where to find prospective short sale leads
  • What the short sale process entails
  • ... and we will view some case studies of some successful (and not so successful short sales).

That's a lot to cover, but we will get through it. If you plan to sign up for the AR University webinar (and I hope that you will), than please register for the webinar here.

Hope to see (hear) you there!

For those of you who don't know me, I'm a Broker in San Diego County and several years ago (in an effort to fill a void in the real estate arena), I founded Short Sale Expeditor®--a third party short sale processing company that provides free distressed property education to agents throughout the United States and fee-based short sale processing services to agents in the state of California.

Here's what some kind souls have said about my workshops and webinars:

“I love your live classes and webinars. I feel more confident and qualified to help my clients with a successful short sale.” —Tracee Denby, RC Realty

“I was very impressed. Great informative tools that I know I will use.” —Lynn Genovese, Hogan Realty
“Melissa demonstrates knowledge, determination and energy in a one-woman tour de force. Very informative and impressive.” —Janie Killerman, Masterpiece Realty
“I attended the workshop and feel it was a great investment of my time. The workshop was free but I would have gladly paid for Melissa sharing her expertise.” —Terry Dyer, So Cal REO Services, Inc.
“Best ever seminar. Been in the business 30 years. Melissa is a pro! I now realize that my time is better spent getting listings and not doing short sale packages.” —Shelly Weier, Cal State Realty
“Melissa was inspirational and knowledgeable. I think the overall presentation was very informative. I’m excited to know there’s great potential in short sales and that it is possible to make great money. She’s hilarious, very to the point. Liked the presentation a lot!” —Cindy Lopez, Cobalt Financial
“Great job! Very informative and loads of hidden secrets! Great for every agent!” —L.D. Lawrence, Cornerstone Mortgage & Real Estate Group
“I’ve been to other short sale seminars but this presentation by far had given more resources and solid info about the ‘actual’ short sale process. The content was appropriate for the program. I recommend this to all Realtos®!” —Rozelle Benson, Clear Escrow
“You have made my job easier and have insured that my escrows closed successfully. As a short sale expeditor, you are the best!” —Margo Marquez Bliss, A1 Real Estate

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