The Importance of Curb Appeal

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First Impressions Start Outside the Home with Curb Appeal!


is the primary piece of advice I give my sellers. When buyers approach a home, they will form an immediate opinion about it, which means they probably have an opinion before they get inside. If the "curb appeal" has been maximized, they will definitely want to move forward to seeing more.

The curb appeal, unfortunately, begins down the street as the buyers approach the town. This includes considering whether this town is suitable for their needs. Unfortunately, there is nothing much you can do about this. Just remember to talk about the assets of your town when you talk to a buyer.

Curb appeal counts!

Then, buyers use several methods to screen out areas of town. These include driving through the town and speaking with friends or family in the area.

The next part of curb appeal happens at the curb of your property (Surprise!). Is the grass cut nicely? Are there weeds everywhere? The list goes on for what you have to consider: Is the driveway neat, is the house painted, is the property sunny? Is there a boat parked in the front yard with a tarp over it?

Trim those shrubs for curb appeal!

The best way to achieve curb appeal is by looking at your home objectively. The most valuable question you must ask yourself is, "Would I want to live here?"

A seller needs to realize that his "curb appeal" means more than the condition of his house. Once he does that, he will probably be on his way to a sale! Of course, everything on the inside and outside the house matters, but first impressions get buyers through the door!

Don't forget to weed, seed, edge, mulch, trim, cut, and paint - but not until you have removed any unsightly objects! Real Estate is like anything else, first impressions count! Get a check up from the Curb Up for Appeal for your buyers!

First Impressions Start Outside the Home with Curb Appeal!

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