Compo Beach Westport, CT the Family Friendly Place

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Desirable place to live, COMPO Beach, Westport CT




Compo Beach, Westport : Halloween

Compo Beach is a 29 acre park with an extensive sand beach along the shore of Long Island Sound and borders the Saugatuck River.  It is handicapped accessible with a boardwalk, pavilion, concession stand, two sand volleyball courts, large wooden playscape, bathroom facilities and lockers, and is adjacent to the Ned Dimes Marina.  Along the shorline, there are mixture of beach houses, modern style, cape style or colonial styles of homes. 


Safe yet fun filled Trick or Treat place , Compo Beachcompo beach


I am sure everyone was exhausted and tired with the  full sugar intake over Halloween.  Whether you're transforming your home into a haunted house, dressing up in awesome costumes, or throwing a kid-friendly Halloween party, Halloween is a fun time for Kids and Adults too. 



Westport Compo Beach area is one of the most popular and the most friendly and safe place for Trick or Treat in Fairfield County .  You can stroll around as a family who has little ones or if your children are old enough to trick or treat by themselves, you can  send them off with a group of friends and they can have fun time for themselves.  Police cars are constantly strolling around to make sure everyone is safe. Regardless,  it is such a nice community where everyone looks out for each other.  




Most of the houses along  Compo Beach in Westport were decorated into haunted houses  or  spider webs with huge fake spiders dangling on the wall. They put out the jars and the containers of candies and chocolate. It is just a perfectly laid out  for the night. 


candy house       deco house



After a couple of blocks of strolling , when your children collected enough candies and need to rest, you might head out towards the beach side. The reflection of the sun on the ocean is so magical that  you can forget about your exhaustion  




If you missed out this year, save your halloween for Compo Beach  next year. 


Westport at a glance

 Westport, originally built on an onion field, has morphed into a symbol of commuter achievement. Though it is the former home of writers like Salinger and Fitzgerald, it has a provincial perfection that inspired Ira Levin when he detailed the setting of “The Stepford Wives,” his science-fiction satire of suburban life. Westport is a mix of small-town charm and modern convenience, a little staid but very upscale. It’s also beautiful, bounded on the south end by the Long Island Sound, flush with trees and quiet at night. The public school system (highly regarded) and the town’s relative proximity to New York (an hour) haven’t hurt, either.

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