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About the Neighborhood

Many homes in this neighborhood boast beautiful water views and easy access to the beach.
Map of Compo Beach, Westport CT

Westport’s Compo Beach neighborhood is nothing short of local gem.

Located in this neighborhood is a 29 acre-park, which has lovely sand beaches along both the borders of the Saugatuck River as well as Long Island Sound. Residents of this area are welcome to enjoy the Ned Dimes Marina, the pavillion, the boardwalk, the playgrounds, the volleyball and basketball courts, and picnic areas as well as the many other amenities available at Compo Beach year round.

You can bring your furry friends to the beach too if you want! Dogs are also welcome to utilize Compo Beach in designated off-leash areas between October 1st and March 30th.

A rich history is also present here to accompany the plethora of activities that one can enjoy. In 1777, the British troops landed on this beach and led to the ensuing fight that became known as “The Battle at Compo Hill.” There is even a Minuteman Man statue that can be seen at the main entrance to Compo Beach in memorium to this historical event!

Homes for Sale in the Neighborhood

57 homes for sale

$ 2.50M median price

$ 772 price / sq foot

latest homes for sale

Luxury Single Family Home

46 Compo Mill Cove, Westport CT $ 7,000,000 Active
4 Beds 6 Baths 0.45 Acres 5,053 Sqft Built in 2008 cap,col
Courtesy of SmartMLS

Single Family Home

5 Thomas Road, Westport CT $ 1,299,000 Coming Soon
3 Beds 4 Baths 0.68 Acres 2,809 Sqft Built in 1934 col,sal
Courtesy of SmartMLS

Luxury Single Family Home

244 Hillspoint Road, Westport CT $ 2,300,000 Coming Soon
3 Beds 2 Baths 0.07 Acres 1,775 Sqft Built in 2003 col
Courtesy of SmartMLS
listed on 2021-05-09
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Styles & Types of the Homes for Sale

1976 avg. year built

4,391 avg. sq feet

0.60 avg. acres
home styles active

Recently Sold Homes in Compo Beach

51 recently sold

98.1% sale / list ratio

83 days on market

latest sold homes

Single Family Home

212 Compo Road, Westport CT $ 1,489,000 Closed
3 Beds 3 Baths 0.34 Acres 1,719 Sqft Built in 1940 cap
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Luxury Single Family Home

1 Imperial Landing, Westport CT $ 2,025,100 Closed
4 Beds 4 Baths 0.54 Acres 5,605 Sqft Built in 1985 col,cnt
Courtesy of SmartMLS
Sold on 2021-05-03

Single Family Home

5 Farnham Court, Westport CT $ 1,575,000 Closed
5 Beds 5 Baths 0.6 Acres 3,988 Sqft Built in 1936 col
Courtesy of SmartMLS
Sold on 2021-04-22
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Market Analysis Homes for Sale in Neighborhood

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Cheapest home

$235,061 Search cheapest homes

Dollars on market

$ 189M

Sale / List ratio


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Biggest home

11,743 square feet
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Average home surface

4,391 square feet

Median home surface

3,967square feet

Smallest home

682 square feet
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Homes for Rent in the Neighborhood

22 homes for rent

$ 18.8K median price

$ 7 price / sq foot

latest homes for rent

Single Family Home

1 Otter Trail, Westport CT $ 9,500 Active
4 Beds 3 Baths 0.12 Acres 2,027 Sqft Built in 2019 bun,cot
Courtesy of SmartMLS

Single Family Home

14 Westport Avenue, Westport CT $ 48,000 Active
5 Beds 5 Baths 0.11 Acres 2,656 Sqft Built in 2018 cnt
Courtesy of SmartMLS
listed on 2021-05-08

Single Family Home

2 Murvon Court, Westport CT $ 39,000 Active
4 Beds 4 Baths 0.26 Acres 3,011 Sqft Built in 2003 col
Courtesy of SmartMLS
listed on 2021-05-07
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Recently Rented Homes in Compo Beach

11 recently rented

104.3% rent / list ratio

42 days on market

latest rented homes

Single Family Home

13a Dogwood Lane, Westport CT $ 35,000 Closed
4 Beds 6 Baths 1.55 Acres 4,532 Sqft Built in 1985 cnt
Courtesy of SmartMLS
Rented on 2021-05-04

Single Family Home

96 Valley Road, Westport CT $ 40,000 Closed
5 Beds 5 Baths 1.25 Acres 5,850 Sqft Built in 1903 cnt,mod
Courtesy of SmartMLS
Rented on 2021-05-03

Single Family Home

5 Mayflower Parkway, Westport CT $ 18,000 Closed
5 Beds 6 Baths 0.87 Acres 5,959 Sqft Built in 2002 col
Courtesy of SmartMLS
Rented on 2021-04-30
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Westport, CT

Located on the water, this vibrant town offers beauitful, luxury properties.

This complex is 28% above the town's $ 1.95M avg price
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