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The high demand / low home inventory trend that started shortly after the first Covid pandemic wave, and also the growing number of millennials expected to be first-time home buyers, have increased developers' interest in building new homes, especially in highly sought-after towns like Fairfield.

Within a 2 years period, since the pandemic started, the construction of nearly 100 new homes has begun in Fairfield. In this period, nearly 200 newly built homes or under construction homes have been bought, mostly single-family homes, several condos, and also a few multi-family homes.

The thriving Fairfield is expected to welcome more and more first-time home buyers, due to the great public school system that attracts many young families with children, and also due to its safety, walkability, parks and nature centers.

All Fairfield neighborhoods offer new construction homes and plenty of price range options, architectural styles and living areas.

If you love Southport for all the reasons a boater or water-lover would, even if it's generally known as one of the most expensive neighborhoods in town, you can actually find affordable, newly built, or beautiful renovated homes here.

Greenfield Hill is a great area to find a newly built home in the heart of nature, surrounded by woods and also close to Merritt Parkway.

There are several condominiums offering luxury living in great locations in the Beach Area close to Long Island Sound and Penfield and Jennings Beach, within a reasonable price range.

The luxury Beach Area will always be one of the best places for a vacation home as well as one of the best choices for boaters and water lovers. As a highly walkable town, with miles and miles of vista trails, health centers, green open spaces and nature preserves, Fairfield is also a great hometown for senior residents and empty nesters.

Fairfield University is one of the less expensive neighborhoods, yet not less desirable and sought-after. You can find comfortable, modern and affordable duplex homes here with prices going even below $1M.

You can also find several under-construction homes or torn down and rebuilt, exquisite homes in the private Sasco Hill/Town Center community where the prices are generally around $4M while the waterfront amenities, including private beach and private docks, are priceless.

The increasing number of home demands require constant new development planning in the beautiful Fairfield and usually, there are plenty of options for every lifestyle and desire. Buying a new construction home in Fairfield is a wise choice for healthy and comfortable living, while it is also a great investment.

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