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Homes for Sale

1988avg year built
1,150avg sq feet
$565Kaverage price
$491price per sqft
44avg days on market
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Condo Home For Sale in Westport CT 06880.  townhouse near waterfront with 1 car garage.

Condo Home For Sale

1 Ludlow Road, unit B, Westport CT
New listing
$ 565,000 listed on 10 Jul 2019
  • 2 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 1,150 Sqft
  • Built in 1988
  • Townhouse
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About the Complex

Address: Ludlow Rd, Westport, CT
Map of Old Hill

Located in the beautiful and charming town of Westport, Connecticut, Old Hill, was built in the year of 1988. This complex is home to sixteen spacious homes at around 1,150 square feet of bright and open space. These two-bedroom units are reminiscent of beautiful colonial homes, providing more than enough space for you and your family to thrive and flourish.

These two story homes with bsasement boast many features that you will greatly enjoy. First off, all units come with fireplaces, which are ideal for keeping you and your family cozy during those brisk, New England winters. The homes also possess  vaulted ceilings, which are so nicely complimented by large skylights, allowing for a bright and airy feel. 

Each master bedroom within the units boasts walk in closets and massive space, which is perfect for all of your storage needs and beyond. The condominiums contain at least two full bathrooms, some of which are top-of-the-line “En-Suite”, with beautiful marble and granite surfacing. The dining rooms are also rather elegant, featuring a wide variety of beautiful counter tops and cabinets.

Yes, the interior of these condominiums are luxurious and modern, but the surrounding area is what makes these units truly unique. With its beautiful, New England scenery, Old Hill offers many attractions and highlights that are at your doorstep. Close by are some residential landmarks that provide year-round services and events. For example, the Westport Country Playhouse, with its Broadway-quality stage, puts on a variety of entertaining shows. The Westport Library also hosts a variety of events that are always a hit with residents of Westport. 

This condominium complex is also in close proximity to the town center of Westport, which beautifully resides next to the water. This town center is home to an incredible number of designer stores for you to enjoy, such as Tiffany’s and Brooks Brothers. It also boasts many renowned restaurants ranging from kid-friendly to upscale. 

Not only are these homes in close proximity to town center, but this complex is also close to the Westport train station. This is the perfect location for those who commute everyday or even if you and your family want to take a day trip into New York City with it taking just over an hour to Grand Central Terminal.

Old Hill, possesses beautiful and luxurious interiors as well as exteriors and is in a rather convenient location, is the perfect condominium complex for you and your family to enjoy the many amenities that Westport, Connecticut has to offer.

Westport, Connecticut is an affluent town located on the water in the suburbia of southwestern Connecticut. Today Westport remains a flourishing town popular with artists and boasting a vibrant creative scene. A town built on diversity, Westport has many Christian-based churches and is home to five Temples. 

Westport is filled with many businesses, shops, a theater, and is a popular town from which to commute to New York City. With some of the best schools in the entire country as well as a variety of amenities to enjoy, this is an amazing town to relocate or even start your family! 

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Photos of Old Hill

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